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BLOOM exists to create a safe, peaceful and joyful birthing experience for all women and their families.

Cindy (Mehmet) Woodbury is the Founder & Face of BLOOM Doula & Birth Services. Her vision is to cast out fear and elevate the birthing experience for all women and their families across Northern Ontario. 

Cindy is a proud wife and mother of four beautiful children. Her first job was at a small breakfast cafe, where she enjoyed being the one to pour someone's first cup of coffee in the morning. She went to CTS College for Massage Therapy, continued serving tables and loved service so much, that she went on to open her own restaurant called The HourGlass.  There was always something about feeding people and connecting to them that brought joy to her life.  

After several years, she went back to school to become a Personal Support Worker, and worked at a local hospice, learning an even deeper appreciation for living from the dying. Cindy is a lover of life and people - knowing she couldn't continue this heavy work forever, her journey continued as she stepped into becoming a Doula. Only then did she realize what her true calling was. The word Doula means "Woman's Servant” and that is Cindy.

Cindy's Message: "I grew up on somewhat of a hobby farm in Northern Ontario, and the first birth I ever witnessed was that of a baby goat.  I couldn't believe I truly found myself envious of the way she knew instinctively what to do, trusted where she needed to be to feel safe, and nothing got in her way to interrupt that.  I watched her go into a meditative-like state and organically, she birthed her baby, just like that. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Unfortunately, my birthing experiences did not feel like my instincts were supported at all. I felt robbed of my own power and denied the chance to a magical experience.  It has since become my mission to assist women in having the best birthing experience possible. It is our divine right! There is a gentle way to birth, and it does not have to be filled with fear. I hope to empower women to realize their beauty and to teach them how to access the innate power that is within them. Now, and forever."


Cindy is committed to her value proposition; Empowering and supporting women through birth. And guided by her core values; Love, Compassion & Gratitude. 

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